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Genre execution: visual kei, j-rock, japanese, oshare kei, rock
Similar artists: ダウト, Alice Nine, SuG, DaizyStripper, vistlip

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On request ViViD, we found 34 tracks: Vivid Sun Alexis Cyprus Mix, Go Go Gadget, Cold Hands Warm Heart, Stay Strangerthings Remixed, Stay, Lost A Planet You Have How Embarrasing, WATSUP, Keep On Pushin, The Worth, The Portion of Delight, Staring at the Sun, She Screamed, Mirror to Mirror, Mercy Seat, Hail Mary, Extraordinary, Blood and Thunder, A Kiss and a Slap, A Dream of Love, Vivid, Bad Apple Miku Mood Vivid, Vivid Dream, Vivid, Vivid Memories, One Way Mirror, Empire State of Mind Part IV, Vivid, VIVID DREAMS, Spend Da Night Naeleck Remix, Go Crazy Takaki Matsuda Remix, Full Power Original Mix, Arbiter Yann Cavaille Remix, Arbiter Tha Boogie Bandit Remix, Arbiter Danny Fernandez Remix, you can listen to and download in mp3.

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